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Thank you for visiting MilGar Photo Designs. We have many plans in store for the future service and options for this site. You are likely to see many changes in designs for awhile. Please be patient. This is my first try at creating a web page and maintaining. I will keep you posted try to keep everybody who visits in the loop (so to speak) on a regular basis. For now I'm exploring the options and features of Wix. We are making progress and I hope to add services soon.

So far it seems that the focus has been on flowers. There have been a few reasons for that. (1) I did receive a few presents for Christmas. Of course I did have to do some experimenting. :) (2) I live in New England and it is winter! So, of course I still have to experiment with macros and post on Facebook. Yes, once I get the camera in my hands I do tend to snap away!

I hope you enjoy your visit to MilGar's website. Please come back soon for more updates.

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